Want to rent out parking space and monetise tourism in Windsor?

earn money from your parking space in Windsor Instant payouts

easyParking pays hosts for renting out their space instantly via Stripe. The only platform on the market doing so.

Rent out your parking space in Windsor Passive income

Tourists coming to Windsor could provide a handy spare income year after year. Fully automated via our free to use mobile app.

Earn cash from your driveway in Windsor Transparent commission

Our fees are transparent and simple - no complex calculations. You define your price for your parking space directly.

  1. Your parking space in Windsor Your parking space in WindsorRegistering your parking space for rent in Windsor is simple. You can use our website or a mobile app for iOS and Android to create a free account. Then you can register to become a Host, and after a quick verification, you can list your spare driveway onto our platform and start earning in just minutes.
  2. Receive parking bookings Our system will alert you when there is a new booking. You don't need to do anything. Just make sure the place is obstruction-free and as described. There is no need for any contact with the renter; everything is done via our app or website. You can even send your renter a smiley face via secure chat. 😆
  3. Earn money from your vacant space Renting out your driveway is nothing new, but with an easyParking platform, it is the easiest way. And with our instant payouts, it is the industry fastest way to get paid.

Rent out your parking space in Windsor to earn money

EV charging points There are more electric cars on the road more than ever. You can rent out your EV charging point too and support going green.

Accessible parking spaces If your parking space has disabled access, it could become very popular for disabled tourists to Windsor.

Landmark parking Walking distance from a popular tourist landmark is also in high demand.

Near city centre Parking in the city centre is not all that common. But even if you live a few minutes away, tourists will use your space happily.

Rent your garage space Your single or double garage in Windsor could be used to park motorbikes or quad bikes. If you don't use your garage throughout the year, why not offer it for car storage?

Long term parking You could even offer your parking spot for the long term only. Long term vehicle parking is also quite popular in Windsor.


Start now and get registered on the easyParking platform

Holidaymakers and tourists are coming to Windsor to see its top attractions, Windsor Castle. You could be making money by renting out your empty parking space in Windsor.

With easyParking, you have complete control when renting out your driveway in Windsor. You can set your daily, weekly or monthly price, availability, and so much more. Get your parking spot in Windsor listed and ready for when tourists and staycations in Windsor surge again.

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Your driveway could become a steady stream of passive income

Drivers are on the lookout to find parking spaces in Windsor to park their electric cars, hybrids, motorbikes, 2 or 4 door cars, 4x4, vans and caravans.

Can you earn money from your vacant parking space in Windsor?

imageHow do I get paid for my parking space in Windsor?

easyParking pays you through Stripe. To list your parking spot in Windsor, you need to connect your Stripe account. You will receive your payout within minutes of a successful booking; no other platform pays out that fast!

imageDo I need to pay income tax on the earnings?

UK taxpayers must declare all their earnings to HMRC. Each person has their tax code depending on how much they earn and more income sources. If you are unsure whether you need to pay taxes when renting out your driveway in Windsor, you should directly contact HMRC.