It's easy to make money from your driveway in Southampton

earn money from your parking space in Southampton Instant payouts

Do you like waiting weeks to receive a payout when someone reserves your parking space in Southampton? With easyParking, you don't have to wait because we pay you instantly.

Rent out your parking space in Southampton Passive income

Have you ever thought, 'How can I make money from my driveway in Southampton?'. The answer is simple, rent it out to other drivers or holidaymakers going on a cruise from the Port of Southampton.

Earn cash from your driveway in Southampton Transparent commission

Having a confusing fee structure is not part of our growth strategy. easyParking takes a flat 10% commission from each booking. No other platform is that simple to use.

  1. List your parking space Are you ready to start earning passive income from your Southampton parking space? Then register on or download one of our mobile apps. Connect your Stripe account, and you are on the way to start earning money.
  2. Receive parking bookings When your parking space in Southampton is listed and approved by our team, you can start receiving bookings. We will keep you notified on new bookings too.

  3. Earn money from your vacant space Your vacant parking space in Southampton will turn into an asset and could make you hundreds of pounds each month. What's best, easyParking is the only parking platform that pays you out instantly 😉.

Rent out your parking space near Port of Southampton

Western Mediterranean cruise How about a glorious trip around the Mediterranean on 4th July 2021 on the Queen Elizabeth. One of the first cruises leaving Port of Southampton in July. There's a capacity of 2,081 so plenty of parking spaces needed in Southampton.

Spain, Monaco, and Portugal cruise The MSC Magnifica will embark on its 14 nights cruise on 7th August 2021. Stopping in Valencia, Monte-Carlo and Lisbon. It can cater for over 2,000 passengers; perhaps they could rent out your parking space when going on a cruise.

Norwegian Fjords cruise 7th August 2021 is also a day when Iona, a ship owned by P&O Cruises, will set off from Southampton Port for a 7 nights cruise around the Norwegian Fjords. It will stop at Stavanger, Olden, and Haugesund.

Netherlands, Belgium, and France cruise Visit Rotterdam, Zeebrugge, and Cherbourg aboard the Queen Mary 2 from 19th September 2021 for 5 nights.

Canary Islands cruise This 14 nights cruise begins on the 9th October 2021 on board Iona, and destinations include Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote.

British Airways flights from Southampton Southampton Airport is now home to British Airways, taking its first flight from Southampton in May 2021. British Airways are operating 18 flights to 12 destinations from Southampton Airport. Destinations include Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, France and Germany, and they could be reserving your driveway for parking.


Rent car parking spot in Southampton to other drivers

Having a parking spot for rent in Southampton could be a money-making machine. You could earn money from renting it out to holidaymakers going for a cruise from Southampton Port or those flying from Southampton Airport.

easyParking gives you complete control over your parking space in Southampton, including the price and availability. Register for free to find out how easy it is to earn money from your Southampton driveway.

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Earn money from your Southampton driveway or garage

Can you imagine how many drivers are looking for a parking space in or near Southampton?

Can you earn money from your empty parking spot in Southampton?

imageHow do I get paid for my Southampton parking space?

The 'easy' answer is, instantly. When someone reserves your parking space, you can expect a payout to reach your Stripe account within minutes.

imageDo I need to pay income tax on the earnings?

As a UK taxpayer, you must declare all your earnings to HMRC and pay income tax. When you rent out your parking space, it's taxed as property income, and the first £1,000 earned is tax-free. Not sure about how to pay taxes? Talk directly to HMRC.