Earn extra income by renting out your parking space in Leeds

earn money from your parking space in Leeds Instant payouts

easyParking platform is the only one in the market with instant payouts to renters. We don't hold the funds in any way; you get paid instantly with each new booking.

Rent out your parking space in Leeds Passive income

Renting out your driveway is nothing new, but with the easyParking platform, you can earn more than £3,000 per year if you live in a highly sought after parking location.

Earn cash from your driveway in Leeds Transparent commission

easyParking commission is clearly calculated when you add your new parking space to our system. And you can adjust your parking cost at any time.

  1. List your parking space in Leeds Adding your new parking space to easyParking platform is very easy. Just create your profile and click to become a Host. After approving your parking space, you can start earning with instant payouts to your account.
  2. Receive parking bookings You will have a clear view of all your bookings and direct contact with the renters using your parking spot. And we added a calendar for good measure. The easyParking platform gives you all the necessary tools to start earning from your parking place.

  3. Earn money from your parking spot easyParking pays the host of a parking space instantly. No need to wait for monthly payments or complicated calculation of fees. Our platform is transparent and easy to understand 😉

Make money from your parking spot in Leeds

EV charging points Electric cars are getting more popular and EV charging points are still hard to find in Leeds. Rent out your EV charging spot to earn spare cash.

Car and caravan storage Not all drivers can park their cars and caravans long term where they live. They could be parking in your parking space in and around Leeds.

Rent your driveway Your driveway could be paved with gold. Depending on location, you could be earning more than £3,000 per year by renting out your driveway.

Caravan parking People visiting Yorkshire Dales Natural Park in their caravan are looking for spaces to park, and yours could be the one they book.

Rent your garage space You could turn your garage into a valuable asset. List your garage and rent it out to drivers coming to Leeds.

Hospital parking You may not realise that having a parking space near a hospital, dentist, health centre, or GP can be valuable and make you money.


Rent your car parking spot in Leeds

Download our iOS or Android app to list your car parking spot in Leeds or use our website. You can manage and edit your parking space, including the price and availability.

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Turn your driveway in Leeds into a passive income

Drivers are looking for suitable parking spaces in Leeds for their cars, motorbikes, SUVs, caravans and vans.

Could your parking spot in Leeds earn you money?

imageHow do I get paid for renting out my parking space in Leeds?

easy, of course. When you register, you can connect your Stripe account and then list your parking space. When drivers book your space, then you will receive payout instantly and directly to your Stripe account.

imageDo I need to pay income tax on the earnings?

Renting out your driveway or garage in Leeds would be classed as income. It’s taxed as property income, the first £1,000 in any tax year is tax-free. Income tax is charged over that threshold. If you are not sure about how and if you need to pay income tax, please contact HMRC.