Renting out your parking space in Exeter

earn money from your parking space in Exeter Instant payouts

Renting out your parking space with easyParking means instant payouts to our participating hosts and no more waiting for payments once a month!

Rent out your parking space in Exeter Passive income

If you are a near popular tourist destination, your spare parking space can become a little treasure. Passive and completely contactless way to earn cash.

Earn cash from your driveway in Exeter Transparent commission

When you add your space to the easyParking portal, you will see exactly how we calculate the commission and the final price to your renters. It's easy!

  1. List your parking space in Exeter Many tourists flock to Exeter to see the Cathedral, Royal Albert Memorial Museum, and beaches. You can monetise your spare parking space and offer it to the tourists coming to Exeter. Listing your space is quite easy. Please register on our website and upgrade your account to a host for free. Then, click add my space and fill in the basic information, and we'll do the rest.
  2. Receive parking bookings The easyParking team will double check your details and parking space and approve it for bookings. Then, you can start receiving parking bookings, usually within 24 to 48 hours

  3. Earn money from your parking spot You get paid for each booking instantly. Just link your account with Stripe to receive immediate and fully automatic payouts from your renters. We automatically allow pre-bookings for parking.

Earn money from your parking spot in Exeter

EV charging points Electric charging points in Exeter can separate your parking space from all the others. EV points are highly sought after in Exeter.

Caravan parking If your parking space can allow parking caravans, that would be another way to offer a unique service to staycation tourists coming to Exeter.

Rent your driveway A fully automatic, passive way to earn extra income without your time. All transactions and bookings are made easy via our website and the mobile app.

Staycation parking Get ready for the British staycations surge and list your caravan parking space in Exeter on easyParking today.

Disabled parking Consider those less mobile and offer disabled parking with easy access to the road for a comfortable parking experience for the disabled.

Make it secure Your parking space security is essential. Consider equipment like automatic lights, security cameras or maybe even EV charging point.


Rent your car parking spot in Exeter

Are you ready for the tourists and holidaymakers coming to Exeter?

For child-friendly or outdoor experiences in Exeter, visitors need to park their vehicles. Each year Exeter sees a high surge of tourists and staycation holidaymakers. Monetise your parking space with easyParking and register today.

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Renting your driveway in Exeter is easy

Help drivers find parking spaces in Exeter to park their electric cars, hybrids, motorbikes, 2 or 4 door cars, 4x4, vans and caravans.

Can you turn your empty parking space into a money maker?

imageHow do I get paid for renting out my parking space?

easyParking works great with Stripe. You will need to either create a Stripe account or link your existing one. Once your parking space in Exeter has been approved and made available for booking, you will receive immediate payouts for each booking directly to your Stripe account.

imageHow do I register my parking space?

First, you need to create an easyParking account, and then you can upgrade it to a host type. Becoming a host allows you to list your space, see bookings, transactions and even a booking calendar with a direct chat to the renters. EasyParking team usually approves your application in just 24 to 48 hours.