Earn money by renting out your caravan storage site

earn money from your caravan storage site Instant payouts

Do you want to wait for your payout until the end of the month? No, we didn't think so! With easyParking, you get paid instantly. Once someone books a long term caravan storage at your site you get paid.

Rent out your long term caravan parking space Passive income

Can you offer secure caravan storage in the most popular locations near Teesside, Glasgow, Skegness, Sussex, South Yorkshire? Your vacant site could be making you hundreds of pounds as caravan storage.

Earn cash from your caravan storage space Transparent commission

Do you find other parking platforms or caravan owner sites having a confusing fee and commission system? To list your caravan space on easyParking is free, we charge only 10% commission from each booking.

  1. List your caravan storage site Listing your local caravan storage space is free and takes only a few minutes. All you have to do before you can list your location suitable for storing caravans, motorhomes or campervans for long term or even during winter months is to connect your Stripe.
  2. Receive bookings to store caravans After you list your caravan storage site and our team approve it, you can start accepting bookings. Drivers looking for caravan storage near me will be able to book your space for as long as they need, perhaps even use your space to store their caravan for winter.

  3. Earn money from long term caravan storage Having a side hustle by offering your vacant space for caravan, campervan, motorhome or car storage could be making you £100s each month. And what's more, easyParking pays you instantly! 😉 No other parking or caravan owner site pays you that fast.

Rent out your caravan or motorhome storage

Indoor caravan storage Storing a caravan or motorhome during winter or for a longer period is best in indoor storage. Is your indoor caravan storage secure and offers protection against the elements? List it now.

Secure caravan storage Having secure caravan storage that's either outside or undercover could significantly improve your chances of receiving more bookings for caravan or motorhome storage.

Cheap caravan storage Many drivers on easyParking are looking for cheap caravan storage near me so if you can offer a competitive price for your caravan storage you could increase the demand for your site.

Long term caravan storage Storing caravans or motorhomes for weeks or months is highly popular and beneficial because you get paid instantly and don't have to chase weekly or monthly payments.

Touring caravan storage Even touring caravans need to be stored somewhere secure, could it be your caravan storage site? List yours today and find out.

Winter caravan storage Winter months are great for caravan storage site owners because there's an increase in demand for long term caravan storage.


Rent caravan storage nearby

The most popular caravan storage locations are Teesside, Glasgow, Skegness, Sussex and South Yorkshire. If your caravan, motorhome or campervan storage site is near you could be sitting on the money-making machine.

With easyParking, you are in control of your caravan storage space, price, availability and whether you would like to rent out your caravan storage site short term or long term.

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Earn easy money from storing caravans or motorhomes

Can you offer a secure indoor or outdoor storage for long term or short terms? Drivers are looking to store their caravans, motorhomes, campervans and touring caravans nearby. Whether your site is local caravan storage or in one of the most sought after locations - Glasgow, Sussex, South Yorkshire, Teesside and Skegness you could make £100s a week.

Can you earn money from your vacant caravan storage?

imageHow do I get paid for renting out my caravan storage site?

Before you can list your caravan, campervan or motorhome storage space you need to connect your Stripe. easyParking then pays you instantly and directly through Stripe. No other parking platform pays out that fast!

imageDo I need to pay income tax on the earnings?

Are you a UK taxpayer? If the answer is yes, then you must declare all your earnings to HMRC. Every UK taxpayer has a tax code but how much taxes they pay depends on how much income they receive. If you are not sure what your tax code is or if you are exempt from paying taxes on your earnings in the UK, we would suggest contacting HMRC directly.