Make money by offering long term car storage

earn money from your car storage Instant payouts

While other long term parking platforms pay you once a month, easyParking pays you instantly. Once you receive a booking to store a car in your space, you receive a payment within minutes.

Rent out your car storage Passive income

You may not have realised that your vacant driveway or garage could be making you money. If only you would list your space as a car or motorbike storage on easyParking.

Earn cash from your car storage Transparent commission

With easyParking it doesn't matter whether you accept short term or long term parking bookings. We don't charge you different percentages or fees; there's just a flat 10% commission.

  1. List your car storage space It takes a few minutes to set your vehicle storage space on easyParking. It's free to register, upgrade to a host and connect your Stripe account to start receiving instant payouts for car storage bookings.
  2. Receive long term car storage bookings Your short or long term car storage space will be approved by our team as soon as possible. Once approved, you can start receiving bookings. easyParking will send you useful notifications when that happens.

  3. Earn money from storing cars, motorbikes You could be earning passive income in no time. What's best, easyParking pays you instantly; no other parking platform pays this fast, trust us 😉!

Long term car storage = easy money for you

Car storage Can you offer secure car storage during winter months or on a long term parking basis? Storing cars could earn you £100s each month.

Motorcycle storage Rent out your garage or indoor facility for storing motorbikes safely and securely. Riders want to keep their bikes indoors to protect them from the elements.

Boat storage Is your space able to offer short terms boat storage as well as all year round storage of boats, ribs, yachts, jet skis and boat trailers? List it now!

Trailer storage Where do people store their trailers during winter or when not in use? Could they store it long term in your space, making you easy money?

Classic car storage Provide secure indoor car storage facilities for luxury and classic cars, and you could have a money-making machine.

Supercar storage Yes, even supercar owners are looking to store their cars long term in highly secure car storage sites. Is yours on the list?


Rent your driveway or garage for storing cars

Can you rent out your driveway or garage as car storage in Sussex or anywhere else in the UK? Drivers are looking for secure indoor and outdoor storage to store their motorbikes, cars, boats, trailers, classic cars and even supercars during winter or long term storage needs.

easyParking gives you full control of your car storage space, including setting its availability and price per day, week or month, and minimum booking period. You can offer your driveway or garage for long term car storage only if you wish.

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Earn easy money from storing cars, motorcycles, classic cars

Can you offer secure indoor or outdoor storage for the long term or short terms? Drivers are looking to store their caravans, motorcycles, boats and trailers, classic cars, supercars and cars in Sussex and other places across the UK, and you could make £100s a week by offering your garage or driveway as long term vehicle storage.

Can you earn money from your empty driveway or garage by storing cars?

imageHow do I get paid for renting out my car storage site?

easy and fast! First, connect your Stripe account and then sit back and wait for the bookings to roll in and receive instant payouts.

imageDo I need to pay income tax on the earnings?

As a UK taxpayer, you have to declare all your earnings and pay tax. However, each person's circumstances are different and if you are not sure, please talk to HMRC to avoid any tax issues.