Let your parking space in Jurassic Coast make you money

earn money from your parking space in Jurassic Coast Instant payouts

Hosts that list their parking spaces for rent to holidaymakers and staycationers in the Jurassic Coast area can benefit from instant payouts.

Rent out your parking space in Jurassic Coast Passive income

Having a vacant parking spot in Jurassic Coast could be a money making machine for you and your family especially during staycations in the summer.

Earn cash from your driveway in Jurassic Coast Transparent commission

When you rent out your driveway in Jurassic Coast through easyParking you can enjoy more of your earnings because we only take 10% commission.

  1. List your parking space All you have to do to start listing your parking spot in Jurassic Coast is to register for free and connect your Stripe account.
  2. Receive parking bookings Your listing will be approved by one of our team members and then you can just sit back and wait for the bookings to come in.

  3. Earn money from your vacant space Your empty driveway in Dorset and East Devon, aka Jurassic Coast, won't be empty for much longer. With easyParking you get paid instantly too 😉.

Offer your vacant parking sport in Dorset and East Devon to visitors

Dorset parking Dorset has plenty of things to offer to visitors. From kayaking, paddle boarding, fossil hunting or exploring the Jurassic Coast on foot. There's so much to see yet so few places to park at. If you have a parking spot in Dorset that you can rent out, do it today. Get ready for staycation season.

East Devon parking East Devon is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty which can be explored on foot or cycle thanks to public pathways, cycle routes and bridleways. Your vacant parking spot in Devon could be making you money so list yours today.

Lulworth Cove parking Offers some of the best cove formation on the Jurassic Coast. Visitors enjoy the picturesque views and can even visit Fossil Forest to see fossilised tree stumps in the rocks. Could you rent out and make money out of your driveway near Lulworth Cove?

Durdle Door parking Who wouldn't know the iconic limestone arch - Durdle Door feature attracting thousands of visitors to the area year on year, especially in hot summer months. How about you rent out your empty parking space near Durdle Door to visitors?

Charmouth parking Also favourite with fossil hunters with a variety of trips from the visitors centre. But where do they all park in Charmouth? Could it be your parking space?

Lyme Regis parking Fossil collectors and enthusiasts from all over the UK flock to Lyme Regis to hunt fossils, walk and explore the coastal town. Would you like to rent out your parking space in Lyme Regis to fossil collectors? List yours now.


Offer your parking space in Jurassic Coast for staycation parking

Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site has plenty to offer to local residents, holidaymakers and tourists. It's a popular coastal area with plenty of resorts, beach holidays and fossil hunting opportunities.

List your driveway or garage for rent in Jurassic Coast on easyParking website or download one of our mobile apps to get started. Don't hesitate too much though, get your space ready for staycations.

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Renting out parking space in Dorset and East Devon

Think of all the visitors that come to Dorset and East Devon each year. Your parking space could be earning you an extra income when you rent it out.

Your most asked questions

imageHow do I get paid when someone reserves my parking space in Jurassic Coast?

easyParking pays you instantly, unlike other parking platforms. All you need is Stripe account and you'll receive your payment directly there.

imageDo I need to pay income tax on the earnings?

UK taxpayers must pay tax on their income. Renting out your driveway is taxed as property income with the first £1,000 earned as tax-free. For any tax related questions please contact HMRC.