Rent out your parking space near hospital

rent parking spaces to hospital patients Hospital patients

Your parking space near the hospital could be used by someone staying in the hospital for a few days. Not all patients staying in their local hospital have the benefit of having someone to drop them off and pick them up.

rent parking spaces to hospital visitors Hospital visitors

Parking at hospital car parks is not only stressful because of the lack of parking spaces but also very expensive. If you live near a hospital and have a driveway or garage that you don't use why not rent it out and make extra money.

rent parking spaces to NHS employees and hospital employees NHS employees

NHS employees and private hospital employees may have to pay for parking their car at their workplace. Help them save money by offering them your affordable car parking space near the NHS or private hospital.

  1. List your parking space Registering and listing your vacant parking space on easyParking is completely free. Connect your Stripe and start listing your parking space by clicking on the 'list my space' button. With easyParking you can rent out your driveway, single or double garage, private car park or caravan site.
  2. Receive parking bookings Your parking space listing will be approved within hours. Once you start receiving parking bookings, you don't have to worry about managing anything. You'll get notifications about new bookings, payments are taken from Renters automatically, and they can even extend their booking.

  3. Earn money from your vacant space Why not put your empty parking space to good use, especially if you live near a hospital. It takes a few minutes to register and list your space to start making money. And what's best is that easyParking is the only platform that pays you as soon as a booking is made - you are welcome 😉.

Make money from your parking space near hospital

Electric charging points Electric cars are increasingly popular but finding charging parking spots is still tricky. If you have a charging point for electric cars, you could make extra money by renting it out.

Disabled parking spaces Although it may not be ideal for a disabled to park further from the hospital, there are shortages of disabled parking bays. You could help by renting out your disabled parking space near a hospital.

Rent your driveway Don't use your driveway near a hospital to park your car? Use it to make money by making it available for rent to the local hospital visitors, patients and NHS employees.

GP and health centres parking Parking spaces at most GP surgeries and health centres are extremely limited. Rent out your parking space to the health centre or GP surgery visitors and make extra money.

Rent your garage space If you don't use your single or double garage for parking or storage, then you should start renting it out to drivers looking to park near your local hospital.

Vaccination points parking The NHS is gearing up to vaccinate millions of citizens every week, and if you live near a vaccination point, you can be one of the heroes by offering a parking space.


Offer your parking space near hospitals, GPs, dentist surgeries

You know how stressful it can be to look for a parking space at a hospital car park, GP surgery or dentist surgery. Not only that, the car parking charges can get quite expensive too.

Be a local hero, help your community, offer your vacant car parking space to those visiting hospitals, GPs, health centres or dentist surgeries. List your driveway, garage or private car park space today.

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Earn easy money from your parking space

easyParking renters are looking for parking spaces near hospitals, GP surgeries, health centres or dentist surgeries to park their electric cars, hybrids, motorbikes, 2 or 4 door cars, 4x4, vans and caravans.

Your most asked questions

imageHow do I get paid?

easyParking pays Hosts through Stripe. Before you can list your parking space, you need to connect your easyParking account with your Stripe account. Every time you receive a booking, you will be paid pretty much instantly, no other platform pays that fast!

imageDo I need to pay income tax on the earnings?

All UK taxpayers must declare all income to HMRC. Your tax rate As a UK taxpayer, you need to declare all your income to HMRC. The tax rate is dependant on how much you earn and if you receive any other income. Your circumstances may be different; we would advise communicating to HMRC directly to make sure your income tax is paid correctly.