Rent out parking spaces in Cornwall

parking spaces for Cornwall staycationers Cornwall staycations

Cornwall is the top domestic destination for staycations 2021. Get ready for the extra income you could make from staycationers coming to Cornwall for a holiday. If you are not using your driveway for parking your car, why not put it to good use.

parking spaces for Cornwall visitors Cornwall visitors

It's not just Cornwall's sandy beaches that attract visitors. There are plenty of attractions and sightseeing, such as the Eden Project or Land's End. If you have a vacant driveway, garage parking space, it's time to rent it out.

parking spaces for Cornwall vaccination centres Covid-19 vaccine centres

The Covid vaccine is being administered across the county of Cornwall in GP practices, health centres and NHS hospitals. Help your local community by renting your parking space to those who are getting their vaccinations.

  1. List your parking space It's completely free to register and list your parking space on easyParking. Start listing your driveway, single or double garage, private car park or caravan site by hitting the 'list my space' button. It's easy to manage and edit your parking space too.
  2. Receive parking bookings Once your parking space is approved, it will show to everyone looking for a parking space in Cornwall. Renter will then start booking your parking space, and you will receive notifications every time there's a new booking.

  3. Earn money from your vacant space Make your empty driveway, single or double garage in Cornwall work for you and start renting it out. easyParking takes care of everything and is the only platform that pays out to Hosts within minutes of a new booking being made; you are welcome 😉.

Offer your vacant parking space to Cornwall visitors

EV charging points Do you have a charging point for electric vehicles installed? As electric vehicles increase in popularity, there are not many EV charging points in Cornwall. Would you rent your EV charging station and make money?

Disabled parking spaces Looking for a suitable disabled parking space in Cornwall can be stressful. If your parking space can be used as an accessible parking space list it today and turn it into an easy passive income.

Rent your driveway Your driveway could be making you money! That's right, locals, visitors and Cornwall staycationers are looking for parking spaces, and your driveway could be one of them. Register for free, connect your Stripe, list your driveway and watch the money roll in.

Caravan parking Do you own a large piece of land in Cornwall or perhaps farmland? Make an extra income by turning it into a caravan site and renting your land to caravans coming to Cornwall for their staycations.

Rent your garage space Whether you have single or double garage space for rent that others could park their motorbike or small car, you should list it on easyParking. We are the only platform that pays you instantly when someone books your parking space.

Hospital parking People visiting hospitals, GP surgeries or health centres in Cornwall could be parking in your private car park or garage. You would be helping locals by offering contactless parking without the need to pay by cash.


Offer your parking space in Cornwall for staycation parking

You are fortunate to live in a part of England dubbed the Cornish Riviera with its picture-perfect harbour villages, towering cliffs and surfing.

Whether you want to rent your parking space every day, weekends or during the surge in tourist visitors and staycations, it's up to you. You can manage your parking space, including price and availability. List your parking space today and start making money the easy way.

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Earn money from your parking space

easyParking renters are looking for parking spaces in Cornwall to park their electric cars, hybrids, motorbikes, 2 or 4 door cars, 4x4, vans and caravans.

Your most asked questions

imageHow do I get paid?

You get paid via Stripe. Before listing a parking space, you must connect your easyParking account to your Stripe account. You will then receive a payout within minutes of getting a booking.

imageDo I need to pay income tax on the earnings?

As a UK taxpayer, you need to declare all your income to HMRC. The tax rate depends on how much income you earn and if you receive income from other sources. Each person's circumstances are different, and we would advise contacting HMRC directly if you are in any doubt.