21 Apr, 2021

Simple tips to make your parking space desirable

So, you have a parking space that you would like to rent out and wondering how to make it desirable for drivers. After all, the more bookings you get, the more money you make. We came up with a list of things drivers are looking for when booking a parking space. Having a parking space that appeals to drivers improves your chances of receiving more bookings.

Easily accessible

Whether you are renting your driveway or garage, it needs to be accessible easily. Drivers want to park their car without going and looking for someone to speak with and pick up a key fob. If your parking space requires a key or a code, please mention it clearly in your listing, so drivers are aware.

Well lit in the evening

Safety is very important. Don’t forget that female drivers could reserve your parking space, so having a parking space with lights on when it gets dark is a bonus. There’s nothing worse than having to anxiously search for a car key in your handbag in an unknown place and the dark.

Close to transport links, hospitals or shops

When drivers reserve your parking space, it’s most likely when they are going shopping, sightseeing or even going for their hospital appointment. So when they park their car, they don’t necessarily want to walk for miles to get to their final destination. If your parking space is close to bus, train or underground, then you’ve got a winner.

EV charging point

Electric cars are gaining in popularity. With that comes the problem of finding a parking space offering an EV charging point. Did you know that there are not enough EV charging points to charge all the electric cars on UK roads? The infrastructure hasn’t caught up yet. Having an EV charging point installed on your driveway can make your parking space highly desirable.

Clean and inviting

Would you park in a parking space that has broken glass or debris that could puncture your tyres? Try and look at your parking space from another person’s perspective. 


Don’t make the mistake of wanting to make as much money as fast as possible. Drivers will shop around and reserve an affordable parking space. Many of the drivers could be your repeating ‘customers’! Make your parking price competitive with your local car parking charges.

Big enough to park in comfortably

Maybe you have a lot of experience parking in a tight spot, but not everyone is confident parking in awkward spaces that are way too small for their car. When listing your parking space and choosing types of vehicles that can park on your driveway or in your garage, choose only those that can be parked even by a beginner driver.