13 May, 2021

Most desired parking spaces for rent

Near city centres and sightseeing places

Although parking in the town centre is convenient, it’s not always easy to find a space, and for some drivers, it can be stressful to look for a parking space in an unknown town. Not everyone likes driving in a busy town centre, especially in cities like Oxford, York or Cambridge. Holidaymakers, tourists or local drivers could rent your driveway in York to visit York Minster or York Castle. When you rent out your parking space in Oxford, drivers can then enjoy sightseeing and admiring Oxford’s historic buildings, colleges and museums. Your parking space in Cambridge could be rented by drivers wanting to take a stroll through Cambridge city or by the River Cam and enjoy some stunning views of the city. 

Near transport links (trains, buses, underground, airports)

Parking near train stations, bus stations, underground stations and near airports is notoriously tricky and stressful. Many drivers want to know that they have somewhere to park once they get to a train station. If your parking space is a short walk from transport links, you should consider renting it out to commuters.

Near staycation, days out, weekends away destinations

Cornwall is the top beach staycation destination, together with Devon and The Jurassic Coast. Being able to rent out your driveway in Cornwall or off-street parking space to holidaymakers or tourists could bring in some good income.

Near beaches, nature reserves and parks

The most popular UK seaside towns and beaches are Brighton beach and Blackpool beach with its Blackpool Tower and Central Pier Ferris wheel. Most people stay for the whole day or even the weekend, so having a safe place to park would be a huge benefit.

Near hospitals, health centres and GP practices

If you ever been to a hospital, then you know how expensive the parking charges are and how hard it can be to find a parking space, especially during busy hours. It’s not only patients who need to find a parking space near hospitals, health centres and GP practices; it’s the employees too!

Near dentists, chiropractors and other medical professionals

I find that most have just a handful of parking spaces available, so having the option to reserve a parking space in someone’s driveway near a local dentist or chiropractor would be an advantage.

Near shopping malls

Some call it retail therapy, but how stressful can it be to find a parking space! If you live somewhere close to shopping malls or local shops, then you could make money from renting out your driveway.

Near schools

If you live near a school, then you know how busy school run times are, with cars parked on the side of the road and traffic building up. Perhaps you have a driveway near a school to rent out for a few hours a day.