25 Feb, 2021

Make money on a summer staycation

Wouldn't it be nice if you could make easy money while enjoying your holiday this summer? Whether you plan to head out into the countryside once the lockdown is over or jetting off to sunny Spain, you could make some of the holiday money back. How, you ask? Let us show you how easy it could be.

Have you got a driveway or garage that's going to be sitting empty while you are on holiday? Put these assets to work so they can start making you money.

Ever since Boris Johnson announced lockdown exit plans, holiday bookings surged. UK staycations were popular even before lockdown, but the British staycations are set to continue this year, with 71% planning to spend their holidays in the UK.

Make £100s on renting out your driveway or garage if you live in or near one of the top UK destinations for staycations, weekend getaways or days out. You probably guessed that the number one staycation destination in the UK is Cornwall. If you can rent out your parking space in Cornwall to visitors and holidaymakers, then you are on your way to make £100s perhaps while you are on holiday too.

Another popular destination for UK staycations is Yorkshire Dales. If you can rent out your driveway in York, then do it now. York is also one of the best romantic city breaks destinations in the UK. York's history and architecture, beautiful buildings and landmarks such as the York Minster cathedral have plenty of romantic walks on offer.

Cambridge is on the Mills & Boon list of the UK's top 10 romantic places at number nine, and you can see why. Cambridge has plenty of history and breathtaking colleges. When you are ready for a stroll by the River Cam, you can enjoy some stunning views of the city. Do you live in or near and have an empty driveway to rent out in Cambridge? List it for free and start making easy money. Although Oxford didn't make Mills & Boon top 10 list, it's at number 20 of the most romantic places to visit in the UK. Oxford is popular with visitors and local residents because of its historic buildings, colleges and museums. When someone is visiting Oxford for a shopping trip or day out, they could be parking at your parking space in Oxford or nearby.