09 Mar, 2021

11 worst places in Britain to find a parking space

We understand how stressful it can be to find a suitable parking space when visiting a city, even more so if it's your first visit to that city. Some drivers can get anxious about finding a parking space a few days before their trip. Planning is one way to tackle this. When you book a parking space beforehand, you can enjoy the journey much more because you know exactly where you will be parking and how to get there.

However, there's a reason why living in or near the following cities can be a good thing if you have a driveway, garage or off-street parking space that you could rent out. Because the parking spaces in these cities are so limited, you could be making £100s by offering your parking space for rent. As you'll see from our list of the worst places in Britain to find a parking space, it's not just locals that are looking for parking; it's tourists and visitors too.

11. Parking in Leicester

Public parking spaces - 9,092
Registered cars - 159,460
Cars per parking space - 17.5

easyParking recommends these top three things to see in Leicester:

The award-winning King Richard III Visitor Centre created around the location where King Richard's III's remains were buried for more than 500 years.

UK's largest planetarium with 150 interactive experiences, The National Space Centre, takes you on a discovery voyage.

See the final resting place of King Richard III at the Leicester Cathedral.

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10. Parking in Wolverhampton

Public parking spaces - 5,943
Registered cars - 109,970
Cars per parking space - 18.5

easyParking recommends these top three things to see in Wolverhampton:

Admire paintings and sculptures collected by the local Mander family over the early 20th century, gardens and walks in Wightwick Manor and Gardens.

See animals from around the world in Wild Zoological Park's five themed lands - Reptiles unleashed, Wild Australia, Amazon, Asia and Africa.

Take a stroll through a Victorian municipal park, West Park, one of the first parks in England to set the trend for providing areas for specific sporting activities.

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9. Parking in Coventry

Public parking spaces - 7,105
Registered cars - 139,950
Cars per parking space - 19.7

easyParking recommends these best things to see in Coventry:

Coventry Transport Museum features the world's largest collection of British road transport where you can wander 19th century streets and explore the first car factories.

Visit UK's favourite 20th century building, Coventry Cathedral, known around the world for its unique architecture.

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8. Parking in Northampton

Public parking spaces - 5,510
Registered cars - 112,060
Cars per parking space - 20.3

easyParking recommends these best things to see in Northampton:

Enjoy a picnic or walk with the family overlooking the Stanwick Lakes.

Have a cup of tea in the tea room courtyard and admire beautiful flowers at Coton Manor Gardens.

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7. Parking in London

Public parking spaces - 107,853
Registered cars - 2,661,026
Cars per parking space - 24.7

easyParking would visit these attractions when in London:

One of the most important Gothic buildings in England, Westminster Abbey, used for coronations since 1066.

St. Paul's Cathedral features the Whispering Gallery with its unique acoustics and breathtaking views over London from the Dome.

See the infamous prison, Tower of London, and explore its history while having a peek at Crown Jewels.

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6. Parking in Sheffield

Public parking spaces - 8,781
Registered cars - 221,670
Cars per parking space - 25.2

easyParking would visit these attractions when in Sheffield:

Enjoy the oasis of calm in Sheffield by visiting The Botanical Gardens and its Victorian house.

Take a break from shopping and visit Sheffield Winter Garden right in the busy city centre.

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5. Parking in Stoke-on-Trent

Public parking spaces - 3,961
Registered cars - 110,750
Cars per parking space - 28

When visiting Stoke-on-Trent, easyParking would recommend checking out 60 acres of Trentham Monkey Forest, the only place in the UK where you can see and walk amongst 140 Barbary macaques. 

Finish off your visit by feeding the ducks or squirrels in Longton Park.

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4. Parking in Leeds

Public parking spaces - 14,075
Registered cars - 410,840
Cars per parking space - 29.2

When in Leeds, don't miss seeing one of the best preserved medieval Cistercian abbeys in Britain and iconic ruins, Kirkstall Abbey.

Roundhay Park features a large lake and is perfect for a walk in the rose gardens or canal gardens.

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3. Parking in Bradford

Public parking spaces - 5,350
Registered cars - 207,540
Cars per parking space - 38.8

Bradford has three museums you can visit - National Science and Media Museum, Bradford Industrial Museum and The Bradford Police Museum. Finish off by walking in the beautiful Lister Park.

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2. Parking in Edinburgh

Public parking spaces - 4,478
Registered cars - 178,340
Cars per parking space - 39.8

There are many places in Edinburgh easyParking would not miss visiting, including Edinburgh Old Town, Edinburgh Castle, Royal Mile and Calton Hill.

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1. Parking in Birmingham - officially the worst place to find a parking space

Public parking spaces - 12,304
Registered cars - 634,260
Cars per parking space - 51.5

Birmingham, the centre of the British jewellery industry. If we ever go to Birmingham, the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter would be on our list of places to visit. 

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